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Up to 5% of Revenue is Lost to Preventable Leakage

An effective denials and contract management strategy mitigates losses.

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Four Challenges Facing Healthcare Providers in the COVID-19 Pandemic

There has arguably never been a time like this before in healthcare—when receiving maximum reimbursement for every patient is critical.

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CMS Price Transparency Rule – What You Need to Know

When patients don’t understand what they are being charged and what they will owe, it leads to financial stress on the patient and the possibility of not being able to pay their medical bills.

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RCM Automation: Where to Focus or Further Refine

COVID-19 continues to disrupt healthcare delivery, which will pose financial challenges to both large and small organizations. Now is the right time to investigate automation to keep revenue flowing and optimize reimbursements.

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Mitigating the Financial Consequences of COVID-19

Is it time to automate your RCM? Learn more about the advantages and how to evaluate if it would benefit your organization.

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