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The Right Automation is More Important Than Ever

There are more technology-driven opportunities to ‘fix’ your RCM than ever before. With all the solutions out there, why aren’t healthcare organizations getting better results?

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Avoid 3 of the Top RCM Pitfalls with Automation

Using different systems for RCM may be holding back productivity and hitting your bottom line.

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12 Tips to Recover Patient Volume and Finances After COVID-19

As patient volumes declined drastically during COVID-19, facilities are eager to get more patients back into the office and provide the care that was delayed. Quadax personnel are speaking with clients about their own efforts to increase patient volumes and boost revenue.

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Is Telehealth Here to Stay?

CMS Administrator and industry experts say, YES!

It’s been a trend that’s been talked about and predicted to increase over the last decade, but it wasn’t until the world was hit with the COVID-19 pandemic for telehealth to really take off. The healthcare industry saw an unprecedented rise in telehealth amidst the pandemic, and this trend will continue, according to industry leaders at the [...]

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Healthcare CFOs Looking to Technology Amidst Dramatic Revenue Decline

As the United States prepared and responded to the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare patient volumes drastically decreased, beginning in the second half of March. Elective procedures were postponed and telehealth skyrocketed resulting in record low healthcare visits. 

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