Telehealth News Brief - Issue 4

September 02, 2020 By: Quadax


The ongoing coronavirus pandemic has pushed telehealth and mHealth to center stage as healthcare providers of all sizes look to provide care on virtual platforms. We want to help you stay on top of the latest updates to telehealth. 


Icon-TelehealthHealth Law Webinar—Telehealth and Virtual Care in the Time of COVID-19: Current Status and Questions about the Future. Wednesday, September 16 | 1:00 P.M. ET
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 September 1, 2020 

Telehealth grew wildly popular amid Covid-19. Now visits are plunging, forcing providers to recalibrate

A nationwide dropoff in telemedicine visits is forcing providers who raced to ramp up virtual care in the face of the pandemic to quickly recalibrate their offerings as more patients turn back to in-person appointments.
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 August 31, 2020 

CMS Eyes Expanded Coverage for Innovative Telemedicine Devices
mHealth Intelligence

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued a proposed rule that aims to allow Medicare coverage for "breakthrough devices," giving providers and patients access to cutting-edge telemedicine and mHealth tools.
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 August 30, 2020 

Fad or future? Telehealth expansion eyed beyond pandemic
Modern Healthcare

Permanently expanding access will involve striking a balance between costs and quality, dealing with privacy concerns and potential fraud, and figuring out how telehealth can reach marginalized patients, including people with mental health issues. 
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 August 27, 2020 

Political parties should come together to expand telehealth access
The Hill

Patients and doctors have found a new way forward on health care that meets their needs so political parties should not impede progress. 
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 August 26, 2020 

Can Telehealth Help Medical Practices Ditch the Waiting Room?
mHealth Intelligence

Faced with the need to improve patient satisfaction and reduce unnecessary delays in care, hospitals and medical practices are using telehealth and mHealth tools to create a virtual waiting room.
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Telemedicine’s evolutionary leap: Who says you can’t teach an old Darwin new tricks?
MedCity News

Dynamic personnel shifts, technology embrace, and significant behavior change will allow for rapid evolution of the healthcare industry and create the opportunity for alliances across the care continuum.
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 August 25, 2020 

Telehealth And The Rise of Systemic Change in Healthcare?

The exponential rise of telehealth, telemedicine, and remote patient monitoring has a simple explanation: the pandemic has forced healthcare services to be delivered to patients where they are, as opposed to requiring physical presence at healthcare facilities. The dynamic is an incredible shock to a system but these are very early days, and real change is brewing.
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 August 19, 2020 

Will a lack of reimbursement end the rise of virtual care?
Physician's Practice

What providers and practice managers need to do to ensure the continued growth
of these services. 
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 August 17, 2020 

Poll: Telehealth visits have skyrocketed for older adults, but some concerns & barriers remain
Institute of Healthcare Policy & Innovation - University of Michigan

New data on telemedicine use by adults over 50 show change since previous poll in 2019, including reduced worries about privacy and virtual interaction.
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 August 14, 2020 

Moving On From Telehealth-By-Desperation: What Will Make Telehealth Stick

COVID-19 disrupted the typical innovation life cycle in which providers would thoughtfully weigh the advantages and disadvantages of a large-scale delivery change in advance of its implementation. Now that most US physicians have had a taste of telehealth, what still stands in the way of sustained use, and what can policy makers do to cultivate its growth?
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 August 12, 2020 

CMS Releases Hospital Telemedicine Billing Decision Tree
Fierce Healthcare 

Organizations should carefully review their coding and billing processes to ensure they comply with CMS' rules.
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