Is Your Lab Collecting What It's Owed?

January 26, 2021 By: Quadax

Plug revenue leaks by identifying and collecting on underpayments and wrongful denials

With so much of healthcare reimbursement administered by contracts, expected net patient service revenue is often a function of the payment terms and conditions found in payer-provider contracts. In order to identify underpayments, wrongful denials and shortfalls, labs need an effective, automated contract management solution as part of their A/R processes.

Why Contract Management?

Regardless of laboratory type or size, every lab can benefit from automating the validation of every single claim against the contracted amount. A proper contract management solution helps to increase a laboratory’s revenue by identifying every dollar that should have been paid per provider contracts, supplying data for contract negotiations, powering accurate revenue forecasting, and decreasing manual work hours dealing with contracts; all while automating underpayments and denials to help achieve 100% collectability.

5 Tips to Help Plug Revenue Leaks

    1. Utilize contract modeling to build all net patient service revenue contracts, provider-to-client invoice-based contracts, all payment terms and conditions, for multiple years, including:
      • Medicare/Medicaid schedules
      • Government, third-party payer and client billing fee schedules
      • Fee schedules for non-contracted payers
      • Percent of charges
      • Percent of Medicare
      • Carve outs
      • Outliers
    2. Create and maintain an actionable workflow to help pursue priority claims during pre-billing based on expected revenue versus total charge. Be sure to define payment variance rules and apply post adjudication to determine next steps. 

    3. Validate charges to prevent charge master errors before a claim is submitted by configuring non-contracted payer rules to validate acceptance of patient co-insurance. 

    4. Take advantage of cash flow analytics and variance reporting to calculate cash flow by payer, age of claim, and where the claim is in the revenue cycle. This analysis and reporting will help identify opportunities for maximum cash flow improvements in the revenue cycle. Variance reporting specifically will provide an immediate indicator of adjudication outside contracted rates. 

    5. Simplify the collection and revenue recovery process by identifying underpayments to trigger automated appeal process.

Plug your revenue leaks by identifying and collecting on underpayments and wrongful denials by being armed with the correct contractual data to appeal and overturn them. Discover how Quadax can help you collect what your lab is owed! 

Let's take on the revenue cycle together!

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