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Quadax Industry News Bulletin

Keeping you in the know on the constantly changing world of medical billing and reimbursement, Quadax compiles industry news and articles covering important billing-related topics. This issue brings you a digest of important and interesting stories that impact the lab industry.

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[Medical] Necessity -- the Mother of Insolvency??

Medical necessity rules are a growing concern for healthcare providers. The policies are not a new phenomenon, but their impact on cash flow is increasingly sharp.

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Encore Performance!  Quadax is #1 -- Again!


Quadax is honored to be recognized for a second year in a row as the Category Leader--#1 for Claims Management by KLAS Research. Ultimately this rating was earned because of the interviews KLAS conducted with users of the Quadax Claims Management, Xpeditor. 

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Pursue LDT Revenue Cycle Success with Cross-functional Collaboration

In many traditional lab organizations, the scientific product development group has historically produced new diagnostic tests without meaningful input and consideration of payer policy and revenue cycle demands. But what if the lab were to begin considering the needs of the revenue cycle even earlier?

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What Does Your Payer Dictionary Have To Do With Clean Claim Rate?

Many business offices, working toward an optimally efficient, cost-effective claims process, set a Clean Claim Rate (CCR) goal of at least 95%. A high CCR means less time and expense associated with getting accurate charges billed as soon as possible following the discharge of services.

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