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What Does Your Payer Dictionary Have To Do With Clean Claim Rate?

Many business offices, working toward an optimally efficient, cost-effective claims process, set a Clean Claim Rate (CCR) goal of at least 95%. A high CCR means less time and expense associated with getting accurate charges billed as soon as possible following the discharge of services.

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Changing the Course of Revenue Cycle Management in 2019

We’ve come to the end of another calendar—each year the ride seems to go faster!  With the holidays upon us, we can count on portrayals of the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future.  It’s inevitable, too, at this time of year that the voices of our industry look to where we’ve been, where we are, and where we’re going in healthcare.

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Quadax Industry News Bulletin

Keeping you in the know on the constantly changing world of medical billing and reimbursement, Quadax compiles industry news and articles covering important billing-related topics and issues.

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Is Your Cash Flow Engine Running at Peak Efficiency and Optimal Performance?

Claim processing rules are the power behind your cash flow.  The tool you use for scrubbing and submitting your claims is only as good as the library of claim edits under the hood that will identify errors before you submit – giving you the opportunity to send clean, error-free claims.

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A Haunted House has Nothing on the Horrors of Cash Posting

For a cash posting manager, Halloween’s got nothing on the horrors of manual splitting, posting, and reconciling remittances.

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