Quadax at 50: Half a Century of Excellence and Innovation

June 14, 2023 By: Quadax

Empowering Tomorrow Now, ensuring a bright future for the next fifty years and beyond.

It’s June, 1973… you have filled your gas tank for .40 cents per gallon and “Crocodile Rock” by Elton John is on the radio. That very same day, Tom Hockman and Ralph Daugstrup drove to work in downtown Cleveland with a vision to revolutionize revenue cycle management for the healthcare landscape, and Quadax, Inc. was founded. 

Quadax commenced operations by catering to its first client, State of Ohio Medicaid. A maiden software program for medical billing edits was developed by Daugstrup and Quadax hired the first employee Patricia Gallagher to help manage data entry production. In 1974, Quadax achieved a significant milestone by pioneering the implementation of Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) in the healthcare industry, a revolutionary technological achievement at that time. Initially, the company relied on IBM punch key cards for data input, but in 1978, they acquired their first computer, an HP3000, for $125,000. Adjusted for inflation, this amount equates to $872,932 in 2023.

From its humble beginnings, Quadax quickly gained recognition for its expertise in the industry by developing the implementation of EDI and helping to streamline billing processes, increase revenue collection, and reduce administrative tasks for healthcare providers.

Over the past five decades, Quadax has remained a privately-owned company. By pushing the boundaries of technological innovation, the company has developed over 40 cutting-edge software solutions and tools tailored to meet the evolving needs of thousands of healthcare clients. Quadax consistently helps secure billions of dollars in reimbursement and improves patient experiences, cementing our status as a leader in healthcare revenue cycle management technology. Those achievements have been acknowledged with prestigious accolades, including Best in KLAS® Claims Management in 2021 and 2022, and Category Leader in 2018 and 2019.

Quadax's unwavering commitment to our clients, adherence to high standards, and steadfast focus on excellence have propelled our significant growth and success. John Leskiw, President and CEO, who has been with Quadax for more than 37 years, emphasizes that dedication to past accomplishments and future opportunities.

"Though we take pride in our past, we remain vigilant in pursuing innovative technologies to solve our clients' toughest challenges. We are committed to delivering the same level of excellence and innovation that has defined our success over the past five decades." 

As Quadax celebrates our 50th anniversary, we embrace the theme of "Empowering Tomorrow Now," responding to the ever-changing landscape with technological advancements, operational transformations, and a commitment to sustainability, ensuring a bright future for the next 50 years and beyond! 




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