Leading Industry Innovation in the Healthcare Heartland

July 06, 2017 By: Quadax

Headquartered in healthcare’s heartland, Quadax is Cleveland born and bred.

Celebrating diversity and skill, Cleveland is a town of winners – with or without a championship trophy. Like our sports teams and the fans who support them, the region reveals a loyal, tightly knit community working in coordination to deliver specialized experience and ability.

A vibrant healthcare ecosystem located in the heart of the Midwest Corridor, Cleveland is home to world-class healthcare institutions, health-tech and high-tech companies, and academic centers. Sourcing a specialized workforce, Cleveland has been a leader in medical advancement for decades. Behind the innovation are several planning groups, organizations, and alliances that encourage, promote, and support innovative endeavors and partners in the industry.

One such group, the Cleveland Health-Tech Corridor (HTC) recognizes the region as a “strategic location for innovation”.  Another group, the Global Center for Health Innovation facilitates shared forums for “learning, collaboration, and discovery to power healthcare transformation.” Both groups contribute to growing Cleveland’s dominance in the healthcare sector.

Quadax maintains three Northeast Ohio locations, engaging the region’s rich resources to serve clients coast-to-coast. With a focus on optimizing revenue cycle and electronic transaction workflow, Quadax operates nationally, serving a diverse set of clients, from large multistate healthcare campuses to cutting edge genomic and molecular diagnostic labs.

Proud of our Midwestern Healthcare Corridor roots, we put our customers first with three principles in mind: create value, champion health, and never settle. As a trusted partner, an industry expert, and dedicated service provider, Quadax works together with our clients in seamless unity. Taking care of our clients, we help them serve and take care of our communities!

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