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Prior Authorization – The Lab’s Dilemma

How are some of the payers’ Prior Authorization (PA) programs impacting your laboratory’s bottom line and what can you do about it? Increasingly, retroactive authorization after performing lab tests is becoming a less viable option; as is fighting denials for lack of Prior Authorization during the appeal process. While some payers still allow retroactive authorization, in general, laboratories [...]

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Demand More from Your Clearinghouse

Increasing financial pressure related to changing healthcare economic realities requires the pursuit of continuous improvement and streamlined productivity.  To attain continuously advancing revenue cycle goals, every element of your business office system must be a high-performing contributor – especially your claims clearinghouse.    

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Quadax Earns KLAS Top Ranking for Claims Management

The Secret is Out! 

With the release of the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report, the healthcare industry is learning what Quadax clients have known for years: Quadax can’t be beat for exceptional service and top-performing product functionality.

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Making a New Year’s Resolution for Your Claims Clearinghouse

With the New Year fast approaching, resolutions for improvement are on everyone’s minds. If cleaner claims for faster reimbursement are at the top of your healthcare organization’s wish list, 2018 may be the perfect time to consider making a claims clearinghouse change. If your claims first pass rate is less than 99.6%, then your claims processing may be hindered by an under-performing editing [...]

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Is Your Healthcare Revenue Cycle Haunted?

Thrills and chills may be fun at Halloween, but not when staff is trying to process claims. Things that go bump in the night can be causing payment delays! Exorcise the ghosts in your revenue cycle—review these ghost busting tips and get the most from your RCM claim processing and clearinghouse solution.

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