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Quadax Recognized Best in KLAS for Claims Management

Quadax is thrilled to be recognized Best in KLAS for Claims Management by KLAS Research.

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Encore Performance!  Quadax is #1 -- Again!


Quadax is honored to be recognized for a second year in a row as the Category Leader--#1 for Claims Management by KLAS Research. Ultimately this rating was earned because of the interviews KLAS conducted with users of the Quadax Claims Management, Xpeditor. 

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Solving Revenue Cycle Complexities for 45 Years and Counting

Vital and vibrant at 45, we believe that the truest form of success is the ability to sustain the pursuit of continued excellence. What’s our secret?  We wisely engineer the agile, cutting-edge solutions that given our experience we know will best benefit our clients. Exercising responsibility and good stewardship in every decision, we partner with our clients to serve their revenue cycle [...]

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Quadax Earns KLAS Top Ranking for Claims Management

The Secret is Out! 

With the release of the 2018 Best in KLAS: Software and Services report, the healthcare industry is learning what Quadax clients have known for years: Quadax can’t be beat for exceptional service and top-performing product functionality.

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Counting Our Blessings - 3 Reasons Quadax is Thankful

As the season for giving thanks is upon us, the question heard most often is, “What are you thankful for?”  While the usual responses - family, friends, and health - are no doubt significant, it did give us pause to ask ourselves; what is Quadax thankful for?  

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