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Seven Keys to Success to Improve Out-of-Network Collections

According to Richa Singh of Collection Rx, 5-10% of healthcare revenue is lost due to lack of time and technology associated with the work involved to follow up on the cost of collections resulting from unprocessed claims, missing documents, and denials. In many instances, providers overlook claims that are not properly processed and, as such, miss out on revenue. More importantly, almost 40% [...]

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Accelerate Receivables: Monitor KPIs for A/R Search and Rescue

Is your cash stranded in the vastness of your lab’s accounts receivable (A/R)? Targeted revenue search and rescue efforts can improve your lab’s financial performance. Know where to send the search party—monitor key performance indicators (KPIs) Days in A/R and Aged A/R.

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Implications of Narrow Healthcare Networks on Laboratory Providers

In less than three short years (2014-2017), narrow and ultra-narrow networks have increased from 48% to 53% of all networks. With their majority influence, these networks are reshaping the healthcare industry. To survive, labs of all kinds will need to understand the implications of narrow healthcare networks on their ability to access patients and collect reimbursement.

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