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Don’t Have a Meltdown! Practice Cyber Hygiene to Mitigate Risk

In the pursuit of speed, processors have been built to feature speculative execution, which has now been found to introduce vulnerabilities by allowing unauthorized viewing of cached content potentially containing passwords, encryption keys, and other sensitive data. Detected by independent researchers, the chip vulnerabilities have been dubbed Meltdown and Spectre. These vulnerabilities [...]

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Thwart Cyber Threats – Employee Security Awareness & Training

Healthcare is under cyber attack. As one of the top five most targeted industry sectors, healthcare organizations are finding that it is often an organization’s own employees who open the door to theft, malware, ransomware, and a host of other security issues. Enterprise-wide cybersecurity awareness training can strengthen your frontline defense.

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Business Continuity for Your RCM - Are You Prepared?

Witnessing the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, businesses are reminded that disaster can strike at any time. Being prepared is critical. For healthcare organizations, the rigors of contingency planning are on-going. Whether a catastrophic event or a localized outage, an interruption in your organization’s operations can be costly, compromising performance, productivity, and cash flow.

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FASB New Standard on Revenue Recognition – Are You Ready for ASC 606?

With effective dates looming, ASC 606 implementation readiness is top of list for many executives. All entities that enter into contracts with customers will need to be prepared. Effective dates are set to begin after December 15, 2017 for public entities and after December 15, 2018 for nonpublic entities. The intent of the new Accounting Standards Update (ASU) No. 2014-09 is to establish a [...]

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Don’t Misplace Your Trust, Choose a SOC 2 Certified Service Provider

A breach, crash, or targeted attack can be devastating to an organization, so it’s no surprise that IT-based service providers have a vested interest in having qualified third-party auditors certify the security and availability of their organizational systems. Both service providers and their clients have a lot riding on the security of their data as well as the dependability of their [...]

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