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How to do an Apples to Apples Vendor Comparison

Making the decision to replace vendors functioning in any part of your revenue cycle is BIG. A lot is riding on uninterrupted operation in this area, particularly when it comes to the operations performed by your EDI clearinghouse vendor – the company responsible for facilitating claim submission and therefore reimbursement. 

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5 Things Technology Can Do, and 7 Things it Can’t.

Automation is more and more important in today’s patient financial services office.  Shrinking margins dictate smaller teams, while the complexity of achieving reimbursement only increases.  In that environment, being able to rely on advanced, highly-automated technology is essential for your efficiency…and your sanity.

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Demand More from Your Clearinghouse

Increasing financial pressure related to changing healthcare economic realities requires the pursuit of continuous improvement and streamlined productivity.  To attain continuously advancing revenue cycle goals, every element of your business office system must be a high-performing contributor – especially your claims clearinghouse.    

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